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A fine tailored Robot

We live robotics at state of the art and beyond. Within the next year, evocortex releases its own robot platform to the market. Most of today’s robot platforms require a redesign and adaptions of the environment so the robot can fulfill its task. Evocortex provides another way: The EvoRobot can be configured in different sizes and comes with different levels of power and can adapt to the available systems in the environment; like a fine tailored suit.  

To get in touch with our robot, please call and arrange an on-site appointment with one of our experts, which will guide you with testing and integration of our robot system.  

As for a demonstration of the prototype in your environment with one of our experts.  


Scenarios suitable for an EvoRobot platform


Process automation in intralogistics offers a high potential to save time and money: Today mobile systems can do autonomous product transportation within a warehouse. This task can be challenging when robots and humans move in the same environment.  


To keep production sites within Central Europe competitive against cheap production around the globe, automation is one essential component. Autonomous driving vehicles, which do not demand a change in the environment are necessary for a flexible production site.   


Within the last years, automation technology, and also robot systems got more and more into the field of healthcare: On one side, mobile Robots help with the transport of important blood samples within a hospital. On the other side, robots guide physicians during surgery.  

Eductation and Laboratory

The EvoRobot platform is perfect for the purpose of teaching and training in the field of mobile robotics. The platform provides a ROS interface which gives your students or colleagues wide access to the robot's architecture. We also provide teaching material on request, adapted to the robot. With the base platform, you can experience first success in kinematics, navigation, and autonomous behavior, e.g. transporting goods in a known environment.


  • Can lift up to 120 kg 
  • Fast or fast lifting is possible
  • With state-of-the-art Lidar technology the robot can provide save autonomous driving in the area of humans
  • Via an emergency-stop, the robot can be stopped safely at any time.  
  • Standard: small load carriers 
  • Adapted to customer’s need 
  • height of 140 mm 
  • Max Size: 800 x 1200 mm 
  • Min Size: 400 x 480 mm 
  • Agile driving via Mechanum Drive 
  • 4x 80 Watt Motors (designed in Germany) 
  • 48 Volt Lithium-Ion battery 
  • Battery endurance of more than 10 hours possible 
  • Integrated battery management for loading